Cement for Fixing of Crowns on the Implants


Special type of cement is of a resin-based origin, has non-eugenol polymer elements and used for the fixation of crowns on the implants. It provides a strong fixation of the crown, a tight coupling and easy removal when needed. In the set you will find 5 mixing cannulas. A single syringe contains 5 ml of the substance.


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Non-Eugenol Resin Cement for Implant Retained Crowns.
Cement Designed for Implants. Provides a strong connection, while allowing relatively easy to remove, if necessary, the abutment crown (tooth, tab).
In the set you will find 5 mixing cannulas. A single syringe contains 5 ml of the substance.

Directions for use:
1. Complete all preparatory procedures, check fit, occlusion and proximal contacts.
2. Isolate, clean and dry the prepared area and abutments, to avoid or remove obvious contamination. Absolute dryness is not necessary.
3. Lubricate the surface of the abutment with Water-based lubricant. It will facilitate in case of future removal of implant restorations.
4. Bleed syringe on initial use. Insert the new tip in the Cement syringe and bleed through assembled mix-tip again.
5. Provide clean and dry inside surface of the crown. Syringe the cement directly into the crown. The time needed to complete the work - 45-60 seconds;
6. Immediately put on a crown and hold in place (or ask the patient to close his mouth, using a cotton roll) until the initial hardening, which will come in 90 – 120 seconds. The initial hardening characterized by a rubbery texture of the material. At this stage the excess cement can be easily removed.
7. The final hardening of cement will occur in 4-5 minutes.

Contains polymerizable monomers which can cause allergic reaction. In case of contact with the skin or mucous membranes, should be washed. In case of allergic reaction or an existing allergy, discontinue use.


Keep in a dry place at temperatures below 24 C.