Our Online Store www.sigma-implants.com was created to satisfy all your desires in purchasing implants without leaving your workplace. You can buy Sigma implants 24/7. From products to packaging and from packaging to purchasing, we find optimal ways to simplify our customers' workload while achieving the highest standard of service. We are ready to help you with order placing.

Sigma manufacturer uses the best equipment combined with the state-of-the-art technology. Titanium implants Sigma are manufactured of Grade 5 Titanium and double packed thereby maintaining 100% sterility. Our dental implants products comply with the international quality standards, also being approved by the European authorities (CE certificate and ISO 13485:2003).
Sigma Implants system has internal hex 2.4 mm and that makes it compatible with other dental implant systems.
We offer a wide range of universal prosthetic elements: abutments, healing abutments, impression copings, implant replicas, multi units, locators, drill bits, tools, etc. A great variety of prosthetic elements solves all sorts of clinical situations, ensuring excellent aesthetics. Buy high-grade dental produce at a reasonable price with us. We supply all you need for quality dental implantation.
We developed an effective plan for delivery and sale of our titanium dental implants throughout the world. Every year Sigma products reach new countries. We would love to earn your business!
Feel free to contact our consultants for more information about products, price or terms of our Online store. Our e-mail is sigma.implants@gmail.com, tel. +44 020 329 000 40, and also you can apply to the online chat on the website, via WhatsApp or write us through the contact form