1) What certificates has a Sigma Systems Implants?
• ISO 13485:2003
• CE Certificate
2) How can I contact the Sigma Implants representatives in my country?
Sigma Implants System is a brand that is only sold online. We are direct manufacturers of Sigma Implants. You can contact us via the contact form at our website, by email or via online chat.
3) How to use voucher code?
4) What is a surgical protocol for Sigma implants placement?
Read here about the surgical protocol for Sigma Active, Classic and Sigma Slim implants. In case you have any questions on the surgical protocol for Sigma Implants System, contact us via our website contact form, by email or through online chat.
5) How to make an order in your store?
The procedure is quite easy. First, you need to register. Please, specify precise delivery address and telephone number. Then, select the desired item. Enter required dimensions, quantity and click on the "Add to cart" button. After you complete your selection, click on the "Shopping Cart" button and be taken to a page where you can see selected items, change quantity and see the total cost of your order.
After confirmation of selected items and verification of delivery address, choose a payment method and complete the purchase procedure. After that, a letter to confirm purchase and order details comes to your email address. Upon sending the item, we provide an email with the parcel number and tracking link.
6) What are the ways to pay for my order in your store?
You can pay for your order by a Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro,  Amex),  PayPal, Bank transfer.
7) I placed an order at your website, but fail to pay by a credit card. What is the problem?
Sometimes, credit cards are closed for online transactions. Call your bank and ask to activate your credit card for online transactions.
8) Within the order process, I need help. How can I contact you?
Contact us by the following ways: contact form at our website, email, online chat or by phone +44 33 000 10 427. We are happy to answer all your questions.
9) What courier services do you use to deliver orders?
We use the services of one of most popular courier agents, which is EMS. In some countries, delivery is made by FedEx, TNT, DHL.
10) How long it takes to deliver my order?
The order is delivered within 2-14 working days (depends on your country location). More details here
11) What is the shipping cost?
The order shipping cost depends on total orders amount and the target country. Please note: we have a free worldwide delivery. See table to find out shipping cost to your country.