Written by: Emmy Woods 2018-11-12
As a dentist I must point out that this product is of a very high standard, one of the best products I have worked with.
Written by: Ingrid Bernal 2018-11-06
Exactly what i was expecting good quality and shipping
Written by: Lukas J 2018-10-29
Não é a primeira vez que compro nesta loja. Os preços são baixos e a qualidade dos produtos é muito alta.
Written by: Adolfo H. 2018-10-17
Gli impianti Sigma sono di altissima qualità e confortevoli. Grazie per il servizio veloce.
Written by: Brenda Blakesley 2018-10-09
I really liked them. The implants are of great quality.
Written by: Doctor J. 2018-10-01
Man tikrai patiko šios parduotuvės paslauga, taip pat prekių kokybė. Aš naudoju "Sigma" ilgą laiką
Written by: Fr. Od 2018-09-24
Mi piace non solo la produzione di Sigma, ma anche il servizio nel negozio online. Grazie per la collaborazione.
Written by: Aidan Kim 2018-09-18
Don't bother looking any further because this implant system is all you need.
Written by: Mayra Salazar 2018-09-11
I've been using these implants for a few years now. I'm pretty happy with it. Keep going that way.
Written by: Mario Rossi 2018-09-04
Mi piace l'acquisto di impianti Sigma perché hanno alta qualità e prezzi bassi.