Written by: Jane L. 2022-05-16
I recommend you to visit Sigma store specially. They are great in management and will get service on time. I wish there is more than 5 star I would give them
Written by: Sl 2022-05-09
Implantáty nekupujem prvýkrát. Všetko je jasné a efektívne. Rovnako ako ceny a služby
Written by: Dawid 2022-05-02
Polecam sklep. Dobry produkt i niższe ceny niż konkurencja
Written by: Stephanie K. 2022-04-19
Sigma staff is courteous and provides feedback in a non-condescending manner which we've had with other dental stores. They are all professional and every visit is welcoming.
Written by: Y.E.R 2022-04-07
high quality, very reasonable prices
Written by: Dr. Rodger 2022-03-01
Very wide selection of products at good prices. I am satisfied
Written by: Khun 2022-02-15
บริการที่เป็นเลิศและสินค้าคุณภาพสูงภายในร้าน ฉันชอบมัน
Written by: Jerry Michelle 2022-02-08
Sigma and its staff are excellent. They are professional and they take the time to explain everything to us.
Written by: Michael 2022-01-24
Schneller und guter Service, supergünstige Preise, Top-Qualität
Written by: Bel riad 2022-01-11
Wir haben bei SI immer die beste Unterstützung erfahren. Das Personal ist immer professionell und sympathisch. Das ist mir wirklich wichtig.