Written by: Brian Williams 2019-03-12
I was VERY pleased with how Sigma implants worked. A good product that has certainly served its purpose so far.
Written by: Rob J. 2019-02-27
Sigma is my helper in everyday routine. Certainly recommend
Written by: Angie H. 2019-02-04
I love Sigma products! I don't know how I have gotten through life without this. Perfect for my needs.
Written by: Ken G 2019-01-25
I recommend this store. Their customer service is the best in the business -- always polite, friendly and knowledgeable.
Written by: Garrett C. 2019-01-16
I quite enjoy that implant system and hoped to like this new Mega X implant too.
Written by: Juan I 2018-12-26
Me gustaron mucho los implantes Sigma y el nuevo implante Mega X
Written by: Olivier Lopez Ch 2018-12-10
I work in a dental office and it's a wonderful product for the price!
Written by: Norman P. 2018-11-20
I feel completely comfortable with these implants. I promise you will not be disappointed
Written by: Emmy Woods 2018-11-12
As a dentist I must point out that this product is of a very high standard, one of the best products I have worked with.
Written by: Ingrid Bernal 2018-11-06
Exactly what i was expecting good quality and shipping