Sigma Implants System

Sigma Implants system developed by doctors and for doctors.
Sigma Implants System is a result of many years of experience in dental implantation, clinical reasoning, understanding of the physiological processes that occur in the human body.
Material. Sigma Implants are manufactured of Grade 4 and Grade 5 Titanium. Grade 4 Titanium features unique mechanical properties, such as high resistance to fractures and excellent biocompatibility. Extremely stable and passivating protective effect of the oxide film makes Titanium highly resistant to corrosion.
Implants thread. Sigma Implants System has 3 types of implants:
• Sigma Active (spiral shaped, tapered, with double thread, has a deep and sharp cutting for selfretention);
• Sigma Classic (cylindrical shape with a classic double thread, selftapping);
• Sigma Slim (thin tapered implant).
Design of Sigma implants provides excellent primary stability.
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Surface. All Sigma Implants have anodized surface.
Multi-level implant surface processing provides stable osseointegration. Promoting rough roughness, required for optimal bone integration.
Sterilization: Gamma Irradiation, Double sterilized
Platform. Sigma Active and Sigma Classic Implants have 2.4mm internal hex and compatible with many implant systems.
Implant Sigma Slim has 2.0mm internal hex and has its own orthopedic elements and tools divided in a separate category - here
Universality. Sigma Systems Implants are quite easy to use and all their components are compatible with each other as well as with many implant systems with internal hex.
• CE certificate
• ISO 13485:2003
Surgical protocol. All information about Surgical Protocol you can find here.
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Orthopedic elements. Sigma Implants System has all necessary suprastructures: healing abutments, implant replicas, impression copping's, ball attachments, multi units, locators, plastic abutments, etc. A wide range of types and sizes allows you to perform the implantation for a single implant, full rehabilitation of edentulous jaws, and such technic as all-on-4.
Tools. A wide range of instruments, drill bits, drivers, wrenches, etc. allows to work successfully not only with Sigma Implants, but with many other systems with internal hex.
Price. Sigma Implants systems is a reliable quality at a reasonable price.
Customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the use of Sigma Implants System, the surgical protocol, various products. Every letter will be answered!
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The number of patients with happy smile, appearing after the restoration with Sigma implants is growing every year around the world. This is our mission!