About us

Thank you for interest to Sigma Implants products.
German Manufacturer Sigma Implants Ltd develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements. Sigma Implants System was developed by dental professionals with rich clinical experience in dental implantation field. That is why Sigma Implants System is reliable, comfortable and have excellent results of engraftment. A wide range of implants, tools and suprastructures allows to solve many clinical cases.
All our products are manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines established by CE certificate and ISO 13485:2003 - Management System Certification for Medical Device Manufacturers.
We are confident in the quality of our products and provide a lifetime warranty for the implants when used in accordance with our detailed instructions and the company's protocols. In case of implant rejection, breakage or dirtying we are obliged to replace the damaged implants for free.
We sell Sigma Implants Systems through Online store only. Online Store www.sigma-implants.com was created for purchasing implants without leaving your workplace. Worldwide shipping is FREE for order over 600€. Delivery time within 2 - 9 business days via FedEx or DHL. 
From purchasing to delivery, we find optimal ways for achieving the highest standard of service.
Our products get the recognition they deserve for dentists all over the world. The best price-to-quality ratio makes it possible to increase the number of our customers’ year after year.
Feel free to contact our consultants for more information about products, price or terms of our Online store. Our e-mail is sigma.implants@gmail.com, tel. +44 020 329 000 40, and also you can apply to the online chat on the website, via WhatsApp or write us through the contact form

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