Titanium Implants 

About Titanium Dental Implants Sigma

Sigma Implants Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of dental implants, prosthetic elements and tools for dental implantation.

Based on years of experience and researches in implant dentistry, we developed Sigma Implants implantology system. Titanium Grade 5 is the material which used for the manufacturing of titanium dental implant Sigma. It is the ideal material for osseointegration process. All Sigma Implants have anodized surface. Numerous clinical tests confirm: long-term stability of the implant depends on its macromechanical properties and surface structure.

Characterized by different thread types, large variety of length and width, Sigma titanium implants match all bone types. A variety of universal prosthetic elements solves all sorts of clinical situations, ensuring excellent aesthetics.

Sigma dental implants products comply with the international quality standards, also being approved by the European authorities (CE certificate and ISO 13485:2003).

Connection Cone platform Internal hex 2.4mm Internal hex 2.4mm Implant and abutment are combined Internal hex 2.0 mm
Material Grade 4 Titanium Grade 5 Titanium
Surface SLA Anodized
Quality standards ISO 9001: 2000, CE certificate, ISO 13485:2003
Clinical case all types of bones all types of bones all types of bones, especially for type I bone all types of bones for temporary restoration, between permanent implants, for installation on a narrow ridge or between closely spaced teeth

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