NEW PRODUCT - Sigma Mega X
Sigma Active ?Bio
Since November 2018
Sigma Implants System presents a new implant - Sigma Mega X. A main feature of this implant is conical platform, SLA surface and wide compatibility with
MegaGen AnyOne, Osstem TS, NeoBiotech, DIO, GT Medical, Dentium
new anodized surface
Since March, 2018
We created new Implant Sets for our customers.
You can buy sets 25-26, 50-55 and 100-115 implants and save up to €780
NEW PRODUCT - Scan Abutment
new anodized surface
Since January 2018
Try our new good - Scan Abutment for Active Bio, Classic and Slim Implants.
Diameter 4,3mm. Length 9mm and 7mm
*For Exocad, 3Shape programs. Contact us for more details
NEW anodized surface
new anodized surface
Since September 2017
All Sigma Implants have anodized surface.
From the 1st of September, 2017 the entire product line of Sigma implants have anodized surface. More innovations for better osteointegration.
NEW form of Hand Hex Driver 18mm
Hand Hex Driver 18mm
Since Mach 2017
Try renewed Hex Driver!!!
Hand Prosthetic Hex Drivers used for orthopedic screw 18 mm long.