Surgical Protocol with use of Cylindrical Drills

Surgical Protocol for Implant Sigma Active Bio (size 3,75х13)
  • 1. Marker drill d-1.9mm immersed to a depth of 2mm. Drilling speed - 1000-1200 rev/min;
  • 2. Pilot drill d-2.0mm immersed to a depth is equal to the length of the installed implant (13mm) Drilling speed - 800 rev/min;
  • 3. Cylindrical Drill d-2.8mm immersed to a depth 11.5mm. Drilling speed - 500 rev/min;
  • 4. Cylindrical Drill d-3.2mm immersed to a depth 11.5mm. Finishing drill for implant d-3,75mm Drilling speed - 400 rev/min;
  • 5.*Countersink 3.75 Drilling speed - 400 rev/min. *Use only in I and II bone type;
  • 6. The installation of implants manually or with hand-piece (speed - 15-20 rev/min) for 2/3 of its size;
  • 7. Final installation of the implant with ratchet torque to tighten the maximum force of 35 Ncm;
  • 8. Irrigation of internal thread of the implant with physiological saline;
  • 9. Installing screw-cap;
  • 10. Suturing soft tissue.
Very important! Drilling Bits should be changed after 35 surgeries (sterilizations). This is the key to success in dental implantation.
You will need:
Ready-made kits for surgical protocol: