Prosthetic Elements 

About Sigma Implant Abutments
Sigma designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of dental implants, prosthetic elements, tools and cement for implant fixation. Controlled and tested methods allow to regulate the procedure of manufacturing of all components required implant, which ensures high precision of the connection and ensures long-term and high-quality patient rehabilitation with dental implants.
Sigma - Internal Hex Dental Implants System Compatible with all internal hex High precision and quality product made of titanium CE certificate approved
Prosthetic elements we offer are made of different materials and types: straight and angled titanium abutments, healing abutments, ball attachments, plastic, temporary and zirconium abutments, etc.
Our product is suitable for implantological systems with internal hex, which makes Sigma Implants System an universal one and allows to use products and instruments with other dental implants brands.
To find more about our products, price range and ways to take on implant, feel free to contact our consultants. Our e-mai, tel. +443300010427, and also you can request a call back filling special form on our site, apply to the online chat on the website or write us through the contact form.